Translift house & cargo mover

Benefits of a Translift House & Cargo Mover

If you are a manufactured home dealer, contractor, or transporter, you know that the delivery and set up of every home presents its own unique set of problems. Trying to cope with difficult sites, bad weather, and rough terrain makes it impossible to stay
on schedule, which costs you time and money.

For many years, leading dealers and contractors have relied on the safety, versatility, and ease of the TransLift. The TransLift is a unique machine designed and fabricated for the manufactured housing industry. It is a machine used for placing and positioning a unit on site, and also used for the actual set up of the unit.

The Translift…
– Moves units forwards, backwards, side to side, or raise and lower
– Is easily manuevered in tight spaces
– Is powerful enough to move a unit by itself
– Puts less stress on the unit by lifting and moving evenly
– Reduces cracking of sheetrock and lessens work on the interior of the unit
– Eliminates the dangers of jacks and rollers
– Allows for easier blocking preparation with less tree removal and excavation
– Spots the home, eliminating second trips back with truck and crew
– Can be delivered directly from factory to unit site
– Metal tracks allow for delivery in less than desirable weather conditions
– Is easily transported behind a pick-up, eliminating expensive trucks and trailers

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